Creating Recipes for

Career Success

You deserve to be the best you can be & the rewards that go with it. I’m here to help you plan, build & realise the career & life you always dreamed of.

Whether you need Coaching, Mentoring, Training or even a combination of all three; my tailor made programs & bespoke courses will help you succeed.


“There is no greater love than the love of food”

 – George Bernard Shaw

Meet Vic

As a former professional chef, trainer & food photographer with 45 years experience, I’ve dedicated my career to nurturing & promoting the success of my peers & students.

I created the Chef’s Mentor to help me reach even more chefs & their teams, because I believe they all deserve the chance to reach their true potential & realise their dreams.

“Food has the power to change our mood with a single thought”

 – Victor Rowling

Professional Coaching

Coaching is the most creative way to help someone. A good coach helps you find your own solutions which makes them stick. I can guide you through all aspects of your career & life, unblocking any limiting beliefs & obstacles that stand in the way of your success & happiness.

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Sometimes we just need pointing in the right direction to find a way through; my flexible tailored mentoring service can provide many simple solutions to complex situations in a heartbeat. Don’t suffer in silence & confusion, replace the stress with peace of mind.

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Finding & mastering new skills that are job specific can be a real challenge. Not any more! Whatever you need in either practical or kitchen management terms, my courses will fill in the gaps & take you to a new level of confidence, ability & understanding.

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Coming Soon …

Head Chefs Rock! The new course that changes the game for new & aspiring Head Chefs.


Are you a new head chef? Are you a sous chef looking for your first head chef’s position?

Head Chefs Rock is a new course developed by Victor Rowling – The Chefs Mentor, to bridge the gap between assisting & leading.

Head Chefs Rock will remove the pain from those crucial first steps in the hot seat & give you all you need to know about running a successful kitchen.

Victor, you are an outstanding coach, with the most fantastic questions & it was an absolute delight to be guided by you.

Thank you so much. I am forever grateful for your kindness & professionalism.

Roxana Elena Popet

NLP Trainer & Coach

Victor helped me put things back in perspective with renewed confidence.

Helping me rediscover my passion & motivation for my career; I would recommend Victor for any life or career situation that holds you back.

Julian Reynolds

Head Chef

After the fire destroyed my kitchen, I felt like walking away. Having someone like Victor to bounce ideas around with has been an amazing experience.

Victor, I could not have reopened without you.

David Whitehair



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